Our team

Our staff is our main wealth. We think highly their aspiration for professional grows, desire for work together for common aim and ability to find the pleasure in work and in the rest.


Kireytsev Alexander

General Director

Graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 1999.

As design engineer worked for “Rocket Space Corporation “Energia” and Moscow Boeing Design Center.

In ECAR since 2002.

He worked as design engineer, Design Manager. Head of Engineering.

General Director since 2008.

Barsukova Natalya

Head of Finance

She graduated Moscow Management Institute in 1984.

In 1999 she obtained PhD degree on sub-department of national economy planning.

She worked at institutes of Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, in banking area, in various commercial structures.

Recently held positions of the chief accountant and finance director.

She has been working for ECAR since 2008 and as Head of finance since 2009.

Evlakhov Nikolay

Head of IT

He graduated with honours from Russian Saint-Petersburg State Electro technical University with Master degree in Applied Mathematics, got Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE) certification and obtained the MBA degree in Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School.

He is at ECAR since 2008. Nikolay has been working in different international companies as IT manager particularly in Moscow GE Engineering Eenter ETEC.

Nikolay likes yachting and got certified as International Bareboat Skipper according to International Yacht Training system.

Zuev Nikolay

Head of HR

He graduated Moscow Aviation Institute in 1993.

In 1999 he defended  PhD’s dissertation “Singularity of numerical simulation of  elastic structures transient behavior”.

He worked for “Salyut” Design Bureau - Khrunichev Space Centre branch, “TESIS” Company, “Embraer” (Brazil).

He has been working for ECAR from 2003. He worked as stress engineer, ECAR Stress Manager. From 2009 he is Head of HR.

Yuzbashev Andrey

Head of Quality

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute with honor degree in 1995, worked for Sukhoy Design Bureau and Sukhoy Civil Aircrfat Companies afterwards.

Joined ECAR in 2005.

Head of Quality since 2006.

Kostin Konstantin

Design manager

He graduated Mozhaisky Airspace Engineering Academy (St. Petersburg) in 2000.

He graduated State Finance University (Moscow) in 2005.

He has been working for ECAR from 2005.

He worked as Design Engineer, Project Manager.

From 2015 he is Design Manager.

Zhiganov Alexander

Stress Manager

In ECAR since 2003.

13 year experience in aviation industry.

Hobby: cycle racing, fishing, landscape design.

Lebedev Kirill

Engineering Suppliers Manager

Graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute in 1997.

As design engineer worked for “Tupolev” Design Bureau, ISC “Aviastep”.

In ECAR since 2005 as Design engineer, Head of DDC.

Engineering Suppliers Manager since 2011.

Our team is

211 employees

188 design engineers
and stress engineers

15 Ph.D
(Philosophy Doctors)

1 Doctor
of Science


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