The project was completed in 2013.

The development of gearbox for electrical engine of electromechanical transmission

The task of this project was to design the step-down gearbox for electrical engine.

The most complication was design the gearbox in line with dimensions defined by technical specification which were defined the requirements to install the assembly of gearbox plus electrical engine in the compartment of existing caterpillar vehicle with minimum rework of the compartment.

On the first stage 3 variants of gear boxes were designed and proposed to the customer:


Planetary gearbox, gearbox with bevel gears, cylindrical gearbox

After analysis of all proposed variants customer selected cylindrical gearbox.

For selected concept of gearbox ECAR engineers defined all parameters of transmission links, bearings and seals were selected, defined other purchaser parts.

Stress analysis was done for of transmission links also thermal design for cool and oil system was implemented.

3D models were implemented for all single parts and assemblies; drawing definition dossier was released and submitted with manufacture.