The project started in 2004.

Single Aisle A320 and Long Range A330 production support project (Airbus-France zone of the responsibility)

The longest project of the company ECAR devoted to the production support of the planes A320, A330 family started in 2004 from the only one section – the forward section of a fuselage.

Today all the sections of the planes Single Aisle A320 (А321, А318, А319) and Long Range A330 families are under ECAR responsibility. The engineering department of the French area works with Nose, Forward and Central sections of the fuselage.

In these sections engineers are responsible for all the modifications of the main structure, brackets installation, electrical and mechanical systems installation and work with ATA 21 (Air Conditioning), 25 (Equipment/Furnishing), 32 (Landing Gear), 52 (Doors), 53 (Fuselage) and 92 (Electrical/Electronic).

The significant part of the serial activity consists of the modifications development of the airplanes and solution of the problems that arise on production.

In 2013 ECAR engineering team acquired the technical signature rights within the limits of АТА 53 that brought the responsibility of the team to a new qualitative level. All the tasks are fulfilled in accordance with international standards, AIRBUS standards and EASA safety requirements.

One of the most interesting and considerable modifications which ECAR team was involved in is the installation of the new fuel pump inside the central wing box of A320 because all necessary changes have to be made into the most complicated area of the plane.

The modification of the lifecycle increasing from 48000 to 72000 flight hours was carried out by ECAR engineers, where both designers and stress engineers analysed the primary structure in the orbital zone of the junction of the French and German sections.

Within the scope of the mechanisms modifications the adjustment of the door handling while assembling was done. Taking into consideration that a closure mechanism of the door is a huge kinematic assembly engineers had to decompose movements of all the elements to the elementary ones in order to take into account all the tolerances for these kinematic elements. As a result a new solution for adjustment of the door handling was developed.

In addition, wide body planes (А330 family) have appeared in a zone of ECAR responsibility within the scope of the project since 2010. The modification devoted to harmonization of constructional solutions that could be applied to cargo and passenger versions of planes was done under this program in the upper junction area.

In parallel, the major modification of the drainage system in a lower panel of the central section was developed.