The project was started in 2007 and completed in 2015.

SEUY – Service upgrade (After sale services)

The work package is involved in reconfiguration of the airplanes in accordance with the customer (airlines) requests and linked to 2 programs Single aisle (A320 family) and Long Range (A330 family). For the time being ECAR prepared several Service Bulletins for different airlines.
The main purposes of the work in the cabin of aircraft are:
For execution of such work on aircraft, ECAR releases SB (Service Bulletin). This document includes all necessary information requitred for the installation of the modification on the aircraft by technicians. ECAR prepares engineering technical solution, which includes modification (changes) in aircraft structure, systems and electrical content of aircraft if it is necessary.

After it SB (Service Bulletin) which includes the complete activity list, required for modification installation on the aircraft, has to be prepared.

The final product ofECAR is Service Bulletin, which describes complete volume of the work, including documents and standards, drawings and kits (parts), required for carrying out modification on the aircraft.