The project has been started in 2009 and still working.

Production support of the A330/340 aircraft family (forward and aft fuselage sections)

Production support is the part of the aircraft development, satisfaction of the customer companies’ requirements, improving of the technical possibilities of the aircrafts and manufacturing progress.  


The project started in 2009 and has been still running on. Initially the project used to solve only specific range of tasks – identified the problems with different brackets installation, electrical wires fixing, interior to primary structure attachment etc.

ECAR engineers make the 3D models, drawings, specifications and stress calculations of each construction element,which has been added or modified in the new version of the aircraft.

Each task starts with the system installation drawings analysis and runs on up to the release of the drawings, signatures collection from different AIRBUS departments and manufacturing of the parts in the shop.

The project growing contributes step by step increase the volumes and the complexness of the tasks.

Just from the November 2011 the second activity – the floor panel modification started. The panels on the whole fuselage of A330 and A340 were being reworked there.  


The tasks, required not only modification of the aircraft for the customer, but the construction and manufacturing process improvement have special place in the project. The new design solutions are always used in such an activity. 3

The project also involved in the manufacturing engineering support on the Assembly line, the target of the tasks on the stage is to get the engineering solution of the problems, appearing in the Assembly process, with the next drawing correction, without break of the manufacturing process.