The project was implemented in 2004-2005.

Detailed Stress distribution and stability investigation for the membrane of main landing gear bay of Airbus A330/340

The project was initiated by Airbus for better understanding of structure behavior. The necessity of detailed stress distribution and stability investigation in the area of attachment elements was showed up. stress
The project task was to develop of special very detailed FEM. Base on this model ECAR needed to show the real structure behavior and loading, stress distribution on the separate elements and to light the phenomena  which existed in reality if it is possible. This area used to be investigated with approximate analytical stress methods of calculations.
In accordance with project task ECAR stress engineers created very large non-linear FEM with big level of detailing. Base on this model the sophisticated multileveled stress analysis considering large displacements and contact of structure was made (including post-buckling behavior). The real non-linear material characteristics and contact interaction were taken into account for analysis. Due to these FEM model and agreed stress methodology the real structure behavior was achieved.
Stress distribution.
As result stress analysis stress distribution and deformations of structure components described the behavior in-service in reality very well.
Deformation of attachment area.
Based on the result of stress ECAR engineers in cooperation with Airbus specialists proposed some recommendations for production as well as in-service.