The project was realized in 2006-2007 years.

Concept Development and detailed construction of composite multispar flap of A320

The project “Concept development and detailed construction of composite multispar flap of A320″ was relized in 2006-2007.

The main advantage of new structure was using of RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) method, allowing, according preliminary calculations, cut cost of flap’s manufacturing.

A simplified prototype of a product was made and tested to confirm existing conception. These tests confirmed that proposed conception was correct.

It was decided to do separate research and design work and practically show the advantages of new technology and practicability of new integrated design. A320 outward composite flap was selected as object for comparison. In the initial project phase the following companies were involved: which as well as ECAR developed and justified their concepts to the Customer.

At the initial project phase 14 flap’s structure concepts were proposed by the cooperated team and there were also a number of optional solutions on some of the concepts, of which 3 were selected as advanced solutions for further development. At the last stage the concept of ECAR was chosen by the Customer as the most perspective and reasonable.