The project was implemented in 2003.

Concept design of A380 Freighter upper deck barrier wall

The barrier wall is the one design solution used on the freighter aircrafts to separate cargo deck from courier area and cockpit. The main role of the barrier wall is to retain freights (containers, pallets end etc.) in case of emergency landing to secure people located in the nose part of the fuselage and also to prevent smoke and fire spreading to the courier area and pilot cockpit to provide isolation these areas. image002 The project task was to consider all possible design concepts, to identify most optimized design solution considering a number of limitations coming from the specification.

Six different concepts of barrier wall both made of metal and composite materials were proposed after investigation.

After detail analysis of all proposed concepts with use of special software for concept estimation – Russian software “Planer” which is based on simplified Finite Element Models, software PATRAN/NASTRAN and also criteria analysis the variant which is combination of honeycomb panel supported by wall ribs was selected as optimal design.

In the result of the analysis the optimal values of structure parameters were defined. Weight of structure was as main criteria.

The scheme for structure partitioning which guaranties the installation of barrier wall into fuselage on production and substitution in service in case of damaging were proposed. BW_1 Two options of barrier wall attachment to the fuselage structure were proposed and analyzed.

The barrier wall structure was developed with details.

Strength and maximum deformation from applied loads was analyzed by means of FEM. Linear and nonlinear analyses of static strength of composite design were done.

Structure optimization was considered with Damage Tolerance criteria.