The project was implemented in 2003-2004.

Concept design of A380 Freighter Main Deck Cargo door surrounding structure.

The scope of work inluded the design definition work during the concept phase for surrounding primary structure of the main deck cargo door of the A380-800 Freighter for rear section. Several concepts had to be developed and analyzed by ECAR. After evaluation process the best solution had to be worked out.

The task for ECAR engineers was to analyze all possible variants for each main components of door surrounding structure. All possible variants had to be proposed and reviewed without any link to the cargo door design as well as existing Airbus practice, traditional design for the cargo door surrounding structure, design of cargo door surrounding on the A380 or design on the previous aircraft models.

At the first stage of the analysis five concepts of the door opening were considered. Based on the criterion score last variant of opening with upwards and out door movement was selected as most preferable for the project.

For selected concept of door opening 3 variant of structure topology in the area of door surrounding considered:

As result of the project ECAR provided detail design with stress calculation and expert estimation of each option of design solution for metal concept and full composite concept.