The projects were developed in 2003-2005.

2D to 3D data migration projects (3d-modeling based on existing drawings)

Initial period of ECAR development concurred with stage when Airbus made a significant step forward and moved on to creation of new aircraft based om 3D mockup. 2D_to_3D

Migration project for fuselage nose sections of A320 family (2003-2004)

Migration project for fuselage nose sections was one of the first ECAR projects of A320 family. The project task was to transfer the structure of fuselage nose sections to 3D models due to the decision of AIRBUS departments responsible for customization of A320 family aircrafts (implementation of some changes in a standard configuration in line with the individual customer’s requests) to use 3D structure mockup as the environment for customization.
Fuselage nose sections (the skin is nit shown).

Creation of simplified 3D models of air conditioning system in the area of passenger doors for А340-500 /-600 (2003-2004)

It was decided that 2-D to 3-D migration project had to be introduced for all the areas around passenger door at the first stage. 3D models will be prepared for all the components of the main structure, mechanical, electrical systems and interior.
Door surroundings for 3D modeling.
ECAR responsibility area included air conditioning system (АТА-21). To speed up the work implementation a customer requested creation of 3D models with high precision of external geometry for assembly of air conditioning with heat insulation and others but created as unit part.
Examples of implementation of some air conditioning system components.
Examples of air conditioning tube assembly.
As a consequence of work carried out in cooperation with other engineering suppliers Airbus was provided with accurate 3D mock-up if passenger door surrounding for 5 configurations of А330/340 family.

The project for creation of full 3D mock-up of mechanical systems in the fuselage for А330/340 family (2004-2005)

ECAR responsibility areas involved the following systems: Within the framework of this project ECAR had to model all components of the above mentioned systems in accordance with the Bill of Materials including all smallest components like standard parts (identification labels and plates, glue tapes, heating wiring, attachment straps, collars and etc.).
Examples of heating insulation with cut-out for heating wiring installation.
There were strong requirements to the production quality of 3D models and coincidence with initial 2D drawings or some 3D models created in CADDS5 provided by AIRBUS (mostly for air conditioning system).
The example of assembly of fiberglass air conditioning tube.
During the work for the project ECAR specialists had an opportunity not only to study the design of mechanical systems of aircraft but to become familiar with system component manufacturing and installation on assembly lines in Hamburg, Bremen.
Complete assembly of mechanical systems of nose sections of fuselage.

The project for creation of full 3D mock-up of high lift devices of А330 aircraft (2005)

This project was implemented in accordance with Airbus decision to migrate all high lift devices of A330 aircraft from 2D drawing to 3D models before start of A350 program (first metal variant of A350 which was cancelled). ECAR responsibility involved the following:
Flap support structure.                                Movable flap fairing.
Specificity of this project was in the customer’s requirements to 3D modeling of composite assemblies. The sequence and shape of each layer had to be in line with the manufacturing process.
Composite fiber glass rib of А330 outside flap.
Layer-to-layer 3D modeling of composite.
Example of single parts and assemblies modeled for the project.