Concept design

Concept design of A380 Freighter Main Deck Cargo door surrounding structure. Because of installation big cargo door of main deck in the rear section of fuselage there was necessity to analyze cargo door surrounding structure design without link to the whole design of fuselage rear section as a separate project.
Concept design of A380 Freighter upper deck barrier wall The main role of the barrier wall is to retain freights (containers, pallets end etc.) in case of emergency landing to secure people located in the nose part of the fuselage and also to prevent smoke and fire spreading to the courier area and pilot cockpit to provide isolation these areas.
The project on development of UAV-system with remotely piloted aircraft of plane type for the Russian customer. The project on development of the UAV-system with remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) of plane type in accordance with requiest of the Russian customer was implemented in 2014 and included, both the analysis of the market and concept proposal development, and performance of the complex of works for UAV-system in volume of the pre-design development.

Aviation development projects

A350XWB rear section integration project The start of the project for ECAR engineers was equal of MG B1 (Maturity Gate B1) project stage. It means that ECAR responsibility areas, junctions, were defined in 3D very roughly and Interface drawings were released. Any stress calculations were not implemented.
A320NEO project. As time goes the market creates new requests for park of airplanes’ modernization. Airline companies fight for reducing of costs of air conveyances and improvement of ecological characteristics.
A330-200 GMF development projects. ECAR was a key player of A330-200 GMF project. It was a first time when main part of design modification was in its responsibility. Project results wer on-time delivered project and reduced on 1 tonn weight of structure.
Development projects for A380 Freighter ECAR took active part in the development of A380 Freighter — cargo variant of A380 aircraft.
A350XWB Crown modules and Cargo lining B-brackets (B-type brackets of crown modules and cargo lining modules) Officially the project was started with the design definition stage, fit the completed Maturity «B» level (SAM B), that supposed the presence of all conceptual decisions, checked with preliminary stress calculations and conformed by manufacturing. The project objective was to consist of implementation of final stress calculations, preparation of stress reports, insignificant polishing of design and drawing release.
A350XWB-900 passenger doors integration. The project for structure design of door guide and fixing elements placed on the side of fuselage.
The project on a seaplane structure redesign for the purpose of decrease in expenses in production. The project on a redesign of frames of a seaplane from a riveted design in a design with machine milling details proved possibility of ECAR how to be reorganized in compliance with standards of the customer, and to introduce in the project the acquired experience got on projects with AIRBUS.

Mass production and aircraft operation support

Detailed Stress distribution and stability investigation for the membrane of main landing gear bay of Airbus A330/340 The necessity of detailed stress distribution and stability investigation in the area of attachment elements was showed up.
Single Aisle A320 and Long Range A330 production support project (Airbus-France zone of the responsibility) The longest project of the company ECAR devoted to the production support of the planes A320, A330 family started from the only one section – the forward section of a fuselage.
The transfer of manufacturing from Bombardier (Canada) on Airbus (France) nose landing gear bay and forward lower fuselage of the A340-200/-300 The project task was to transfer of manufacturing from Bombardier (Canada) on AIRBUS (France) nose landing gear bay and forward lower fuselage of the A340-200/-300 family. It was not possible to repeat the same technology because of difference between Bombardier and AIRBUS manufacturing. As result full redesign of the structure was necessary.
Production support of the A330/340 aircraft family (forward and aft fuselage sections) Production support is the part of the aircraft development, satisfaction of the customer companies’ requirements, improving of the technical possibilities of the aircrafts and manufacturing progress.
SEUY – Service upgrade (After sale services) The work package is involved in reconfiguration of the airplanes in accordance with the customer (airlines) requests and linked to 2 programs Single aisle (A320 family) and Long Range (A330 family).
2D to 3D data migration projects (3d-modeling based on existing drawings) Initial period of ECAR history concurred with stage when AIRBUS made step forward and decided to develop all new aircraft based on 3D mockup. A380 was a first new model of aircraft created in 3D.
A380 Mechanical System Installation Drawing sets The project is part of AIRBUS global project for support of serial production А380 aircraft.


Concept Development and detailed construction of composite multispar flap of A320 The main advantage of new structure was using of RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) method, permitting, according preliminary calculations, cut cost of flap’s manufacturing.

Non-aviation projects

The development of design of experimental perspective generator This was the first project from non-aviation industry and the first project when customer was a company not linked to AIRBUS.
The development of gearbox for electrical engine of electromechanical transmission The most complication was design the gearbox in line with dimensions defined by technical specification which were defined the requirements to install the assembly of gearbox plus electrical engine in the compartment of existing caterpillar vehicle with minimum rework of the compartment.
Cable belt conveyer The distinctive feature of the Cable Belt Conveyer is separation of functions: the transport function is performed by the belt; the traction is performed by the cables.
Strength analyzing of vacuum test facility for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project In the boundary of this project ECAR engineers had the task to estimate the strength of test facility for International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project.
Design parameters optimization of BORK company consumer fan. In this project, ECAR engineers were analyzed the design of the new 6-bladed consumer fan, developed by Bork engineers from the point of view of speed and magnitude of flow cast air, proposed the design that could significantly increase productivity, which was not only confirmed by calculations, but by prototype testing.