Results of ECAR participation in the MAKS-2017 air show.

The international aerospace salon MAKS-2017 which has passed from July 18 to July 23 in airfield Ramenskoye in Zhukovsky situated near Moscow was saturated on events for the management and the staff of the “Engineering Center of Airbus in Russia” company.

For the first time for all the time of ECAR participation in the MAKS air shows which originates since 2011 when the main shareholder has made the decision to allow ECAR to render engineering services to third-party customers our company had the separate stand and two representatives on it in the person of the Head of business development and his deputy, but didn’t act together with Airbus, having the representative at his stand.

So the ECAR stand looked.
July 18th was the opening day of an air show, as always has passed rather chaotically waiting for the main guest – the Russian President, Vladimir Putin who has visited the F3 pavilion where the main foreign participants of MAKS around 13-00 settled down. Waiting for the distinguished guest stand-attendants had an opportunity to communicate among themselves, without leaving the pavilion. Meetings with representatives of the companies Leonardo, Honeywell and others have been held.

The president has passed along in advance defined route, having visited stands of the main large foreign companies of Western Europe, the USA, China. It is no wonder that ECAR wasn’t among these companies.

Vladimir Putin is in F3 pavilion.
  Since 2-00 p.m. full work at an exhibition has begun: representation of the ECAR company to visitors of an exhibition.

June 19th was in the most saturated working afternoon on MAKS. With participation of the ECAR CEO who has devoted all day to participation in an exhibition and meetings there have taken place the planned meetings within for the first time the carried-out action at an air show – Match-making – the special tool for purpose of business meetings with potential partners. Besides the Head of business development has participated in the briefing devoted to development of an interior on the updated plane Ilyushin-114-300.

Continuous contacts took place and directly at the ECAR stand where representatives of the company gave detailed information on our center, advertized those services in which we specialize.

These and other meetings at an exhibition have allowed to come into new contacts, and by results of some of them in the subsequent to pass to discussion of joint projects.