Friendly football game with pupils of a social shelter Altufyevo.

On Friday, October 27th, the friendly football game of ECAR employees with pupils of a social shelter Altufyevo has taken place.

ECAR team consisted of five people headed by the ECAR General director, Alexander Kireytsev.

Children waited for us, we had fans, they have drawn for us the poster in support.

However, with not smaller enthusiasm pupils of a shelter and also tutors supported the team of pupils.

ECAR throughout the last several years tries to give feasible support to this shelter according to the lights. It is expressed, without conditionally, and in the sponsor’s help, but it is even more than the sponsor’s help to the children who are especially preparing for the introduction in adulthood it is necessary to see before itself a positive example of the successful people who are engaged and proud the of a profession who start happy families, the work and talent, without some help moving ahead on life.