First of June in ECAR.

As is well-known on June 1st in Russia it is noted as Children’s Day.

Across all country there pass actions with participation of children. There was no ECAR Engineering Center away from this action also.

On June 1st children and grandsons of our employees could visit ECAR office. For many children, especially kids it was the first acquaintance to that place where their fathers, mothers or grandfathers and grandmothers spend the most part of day instead of playing with the children or grandsons in the yard or to read together the interesting book.

At the beginning of this children’s morning performance the Chief designer of ECAR in an available form has told children as well as why planes fly as they are arranged what contribution of ECAR engineers to process of creation of such fine passenger planes of the Airbus company and what their parents are engaged in, being at work in office of ECAR.

The Chief designer of ECAR tells about the plane structure.

After the lecture for children the small excursion on halls of the engineering center where employees, and sometimes it were fathers or mothers of children has been organized, could show directly in the workplace what they do, how the 3-dimensional model of the plane executed in the special software and others looks.

The Lead engineer shows to children 3-dimensional model of the aircraft fuselage of Airbus.

And in order that nobody has started missing during the morning performance the invited actors the informative and entertaining cryogenic show has been organized.

The actor showed surprising opportunities of nitrogen at very low temperatures. Children also could participate in some indicative experiments and focuses.

Joy of children from the held action was not counterfeit!